Shangri-LA - Season 1   \\   Drew Rosas - Writer/ Director/ Editor

Shangri-LA - Official Trailer 1   \\   Drew Rosas - Writer/ Director/ Editor

Haunted by his past as a small time infomercial host, Nick wanders the Los Angeles urban jungle in search of a new paradise. Following the currents of the universe, Nick encounters a cast of characters including Jew-C-Pop, an aspiring Jewish pop star and Gil, a struggling actor, all desperate create their own Hollywood dream… But does it really exist?

While dumpster diving for dinner, Nick and Gil find a fortune within. Jew-C-Pop tries to break into the music industry but encounters a setback on her way to the top. An overpriced parking ticket sends self-proclaimed talent manager Scribs on a mission to collect money from a hotdog in the middle of a performance.

Gil gets pumped to shoot his new headshots but Nick warns him of the pitfalls of fame and fortune. Scribs tries to pick up Jew-C-Pop as a new client with mixed results. Nick’s infomercial personality, Nicky Kaplow, shows his face.

Feeling a bit imbalanced, Nick visits his tarot therapist Doctor Marvin Nestor who introduces him to a new form of therapy. Gil’s photo shoot opens new opportunities when Scribs’ landlord, demands to see her name on the “big screen”. Riding high on a drug prescription, Nick and Gil celebrate their future success.


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